2020 Social Justice Art

"Every summer, Creative Art Works provides creative workforce development training to over 100 teens and young adults through the creation of large-scale public art and multimedia projects. As the pandemic unfolded, and with New York City’s Summer Youth Employment Program then in flux, we knew that we needed to move quickly in order to offer employment opportunities to young people. This summer, CAW developed a Remote Digital Public Art Youth Employment Program and committed to providing jobs to over 50 teens and young adults as direct hires. CAW is employing Youth Apprentices (YA's) from all over the city to work ten hours per week for six weeks. YA's earn NYC minimum wage.

This digital art and photography internship is being taught by Teaching Artist Alinna Diaz-Porro, who joins CAW again follwing the successful pilot version of our remote employment program this past spring with interns from Liberty High School, known as “Hold On.” That program and the current program were both designed to give Youth Apprentices a voice in the conversation about social justice issues that have gained momentum in the past year.

By the end of the summer, each YA will complete a personal digital portfolio consisting of four major components:

  • Two social justice posters

  • A collection of inclusive stock photography

  • A video artist statement."

Generous Arts has taken these YA's powerful artworks and created t-shirts. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to CAW to continue to support this program. 

Browse the limited edition t-shirts.