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Local Artists Do Good 

Ron Rose and his son Jake have built a nice business celebrating local communities with their series of coloring books and beautifully illustrated notecards.  Under their label, Color Our Town Press, Jake has authored 23 books of their favorite places, including The North Fork of Long Island, The Hamptons, Newport, RI, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New Orleans and NYC.

They have met so many wonderful people and are so appreciative of the support and encouragement that they have received along the way.  


This father and son team have now focused their efforts on creating something very special.  The project is Generous Arts and the mission is to collaborate with local artists to create beautiful products

to support local charities.  The products are only sold online at  100% of the profits from the sale of these products will go to support local charities chosen by the artists.  


The beauty of this business model is that once set up, the operation requires minimal effort and time to maintain.  Selling only online and using US-based printers to produce and fulfill all the orders, the whole process is almost totally automated.  Once set up, this website can continue to support nonprofits forever.


Generous Arts has launched in The North Fork of Long Island.  Teaming up with local artists Cindy Pease Roe, Amy Worth, Isabelle Haran-Leonardi, Deborah Lennek, Helen Weinstein and Don Wilson, Generous Arts has created a resource for wonderful gifts.   All of the profits from the sale of these products will support the very worthwhile local charities of CAST (Community Action Southold Town)UpSculpt, and CCE Marine (Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program). 


After the North Fork, Generous Arts will be opening their platform to new artists, supporting new charities. 


If you are an artist and have a charity that you would like to support, please reach out to us.  We would love to hear from you.  Please note that all charities that we support are 501c3 non-profits. 


Contact Ron Rose @ or call Ron at 646.388.2072

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