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Local Artists Do Good

100% of profits donated to charities

Artist: Helen Weinstein

Generous Arts
ArtistsGiving Back

We collaborate with local artists to create beautiful products, which we sell online. 

100% of all profits will be donated to non-profits the artists choose. 

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All organizations that we support are Nonprofit 501(c)(3) orginazations

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A textile artist for over twenty five years. Amy’s designs, in fabric and wallpaper, are part of the product lines of Ralph Lauren, Paloma Picasso, Calvin Klein and many others. Amy taught Fashion Design & Illustration, a program she created, at Huntington High School for twelve years. She owns and operates The South Street Gallery in Greenport with her husband Tom Payne. She works currently in oils, collage and fiber


" My artwork is friendly, engaging, playful, and more importantly it is educational and persuasive. My goal is to create art that not only sends a message but also allows the audience to learn and digest the information at their own rate. I work to give a voice to the natural world which has been silenced and abused, to inspire change and to ignite a desire to live healthier lives."


Don has had a love of painting for over 40 years.  After raising a family of 7 children, and a long career as teacher, librarian, college professor, restauranteur and caterer, Don has returned to his passion of the arts and has started creating his masterpieces."


My Background: After a successful career in interior design I enrolled at the 92Y In NYC to study art and was hooked from day one. I went on to study at The Green Studio in TriBeCa. When moving to Miami Beach I studied at The South Florida Art Center. Currently I share a studio on Ocean Dr with 2 other artists.

My Medium: acrylic and oil

My Inspiration: Nature especially flowers and leaves has always inspired me


Isabelle Haran-Leonardi is a contemporary realist painter whose work explores the beauty of the natural world. Her education in biology and mathematics informs her large-scale oil paintings and watercolors of eastern Long Island’s farms and waterways. She is best known for her award-winning paintings of waves and whimsical mermaids inspired by herself and family members. 


Deborah Lennek paints under the pseudonym XMA. She is a NY artist who began her career in San Diego, moving to the North Fork four years ago. Working in oil, she shies away from the ‘photo-realistic’ effect and interprets her subjects through the prism of her experience. She has several series, including Shells and Marbles. An art critic in California wrote “one cannot help but look at her work and smile. It is the smile of interior memories being summoned”.




Cheryl’s subjects are diverse -  portraiture, painting urban and rural landscapes, animals and environments she entitles “dreamcapes.” She believes that art should be beautiful to counteract the images flashing across our television and computer  screens daily. In this frenetic world with so much drawing our attention in many different directions, Cheryl’s hope is that the viewer of her art may feel a moment of centering. 

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Through his passion for architecture and photography, Jake was inspired to create the Color Our Town series of coloring books depicting the beauty and unique character of big cities and small towns across America through their recognizable locales and historic landmarks.

The art on these Generous Art products all have their origins from Jakes coloring books.


Artist: Isabelle Haran-Leonardi

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