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Don wilson

Don Wilson - Why I Support Cast


Since 1965, CAST has been serving low-income individuals and families on the North Fork of Long Island. CAST helps struggling community members meet their basic needs in the areas of nutrition, clothing, energy, employment, and education.


My introduction to CAST came about in an unusual way.  Some years ago I participated in an Artist Event for the “ Greenport Maritime Festival“.  Our role was to paint a picture during the Festival  and at the end of the day our paintings would be auctioned off as a fund raiser.


I set up just outside of Aldo’s under a big shade tree and began painting.  Next to me, a young woman set up her speakers, microphone and  props and began singing and playing her guitar.  Over the next few hours we became acquainted and found out she was also the director of CAST.


What a wonderful organization I thought.  I must visit CAST soon and I did.  The next week I brought in a pile of young girls clothes my sister was giving away.  


A few days later I stumbled across 3 beautiful dolls in a mega pharmacy that they wanted to part with.  Originally $35, I could have them for $5.00 each.


I brought them to CAST.  “Put them on the bench over there”, I was instructed.


Moments later a little girl came running over and picked one up, “Mommy, mommy.  Look the doll I always wanted.”  She hugged it and began crying.  Her mother gave me a hug and said “thank  you.  You don’t  know how much this means to us.”


I’ve been supporting CAST ever since.

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